Finding Help and Advice 

There is a growing awareness that Cyber Security and the associated risk to business is an issue which needs to be understood by companies of all sizes. This will become increasingly important as the Information Commissioners Office penalises companies who loose data, larger companies start pushing this liability down the supply chain and stronger European legislation is introduced.

However, the guidance about keeping information safe online can be extremely complex and confusing, especially for companies who have little time to spare or money to spend.

If you would like some free advice about where to turn then we would be happy to try and help. Contact us and we will aim to point you in the right direction and maybe even know of some grants you could use to fund some assistance.

Innovation Vouchers for Cyber Security can fund up to £5,000 of expert help for small companies to improve their cyber security. A number of our member companies are offering packages which would suit these vouchers.

The UK Cyber Security Forum also provides a list of general resources.


Severn Valley Cyber Security 

The Malvern Cyber Security Cluster is centred within the Severn Valley Cyber region, as defined by Innovate UK.  The Severn Valley region runs from Malvern in the north down either side of the River Severn through Cheltenham, Gloucester and Bristol and across to Newport and Cardiff.

The Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) invested up to £500k in innovative R&D projects with a focus on the emerging cluster of cyber security companies in the Severn Valley region. The investment in cyber security within this geographical area has already been a catalyst for increased collaboration between cyber security companies in the Severn Valley with plans to expand this collaborative activity.


Cyber Security Skills

There are significant skills shortages in most areas of Cyber Security. The Malvern Cyber Security Cluster has worked with STEM Ambassadors and also e-skills UK (now Tech Partnership) on a wide range of projects including the following:

  1. Support for the e-skills development of a cyber security apprenticeship which aligns to the vocational and technical requirements of the employers.
  2. Visiting local secondary schools and using the package of material developed by e-skills UK and Cyber Security Challenge to tell students about both e-safety and also the exciting careers in cyber security.
  3. Supporting the development of a Continuous Professional Development Cyber Security Training resource in the region.


Cyber Awareness for Young People

It is increasingly important that children are aware of staying safe online and how to protect themselves when using social media. A number of the companies in this cluster advise schools on this vital topic.

Members of the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster have also worked with e-skills UK (now Tech Partnership) on a schools outreach project. The volunteers first register as STEM Ambassadors and then contributed to a series of workshops and assemblies for secondary students. E-safety, phishing and social media were discussed before highlighting the range of exciting careers available in cyber security. Code challenges from Cyber Security Challenge were also given to the students.


Other Cyber Security Clusters

There are a number of other clusters of cyber security SMEs around the UK, faciliated and coordinated by the UK Cyber Security Forum