Satellite Members

The companies below are a selection of the Satellite Members of the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster; SMEs who are actively working in cyber security but are based outside the region of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.



Barry Arnott Consulting Ltd is a small midlands-based Software Consultancy specialising in ‘Digital Signature’ Technologies. The company is working on a number of projects with larger security software product vendors in the UK and Germany, with installations across Europe. Recent systems have included mobile user authentication and long-term archiving of data and documents. All applications make use of standard product Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) components plus bespoke software for system testing and customer demonstrations


Ultima Signal Defence System - The proliferation of decentralised client-server computing environments and the use of wireless LANs, work stations, laptops, smart phones, Bluetooth technology and PDAs has allowed data to be readily accessible. RF and IR signals leakage can be significantly reduced by deploying LLumar® Signal Defence Security Film on windows and glazed areas of the building, offering upwards of 46 dB attenuation to wireless signals. Protection against laser microphone attack. The Ultima Signal Defence range has been tested to IEEE 299 RF shielding standards.


GeoLang provides products and services that enable businesses to protect high value information, focusing on techniques that are content aware with a particular emphasis on supply chain. This is an emerging component of the wider Data Loss Protection (DLP) and cyber security markets which are driven by the need to protect intellectual property but inhibited by the costs of administrating current content-aware DLP products and concerns about the effectiveness of classification. GeoLang's Ascema product range offers advances on these usability and classification effectiveness aspects coupled with the client needs and workflow knowhow gained through collaboration with a global automotive company.


Hedgehog Security provides Penetration Testing and Information Security consultancy to businesses of all sizes. We help companies improve their security posture by delivering information security assessment programs, security penetration testing programs, and vulnerability management and remediation programs. At the heart of everything we do are our company values and ethics. We stand by them being the set of behaviours that we expect all our people to embrace to further our ambitions for our business, our people and our communities.


Isle of Dogs Company was formed in 1990 to supply networking expertise to banks and the public sector. Since 2012 we have specialised in the production of UK web statistical research. We produce over 80 graphs and tables each month that show the definitive state of the UK web. Rigorous quality controls ensure that only live UK sites are analysed by our in-house robots. This results in unique research defining market share, configuration, compliance and trends across the UK web. We focus on: HTTP platforms, SSL certification, server-side software, security precautions, authentication and cookies.


Performanta is a specialist information security firm, securing enterprise clients from the latest modern security threats.Focusing on solutions such as: Data leakage prevention, Enterprise secured vaults, Firewall management, Certificate and key management, Mobility and vulnerability management, Database and application security. Network and endpoint security. Performanta has a practical approach, competitively priced services, strong client commitment, and a spirit of excellence


Pervade Software is a Global provider of dedicated compliance tracking software with monitoring & reporting capabilities. Pervade's software is used by a wide range of organisations across Europe, the US, South Africa, and the Middle East with no particular vertical or geographic bias. Customers range from small companies to multi-national enterprises and our partners range from independent advisors to global Managed Security Service Providers. With over 14 years of development track record behind it, Pervade is a relatively small, privately funded, cash positive organisation with unique products and a clear focus on delivering and supporting extensible and customisable compliance solutions.


Purple Secure Systems is a well-established software and systems engineering firm with an emerging interest in the cyber security market. Over the past year we have made significant investments in our cyber capability and now employ a team of dedicated engineers in this capacity. At this early stage Purple endeavours to maintain a relatively broad commercial offering, in areas such as secure systems development and ethical hacking. Our engineers are cognisant of the wide variety of cyber threats to enterprise networks, web applications and industrial control systems and aim to develop specialisations as the market and our capability matures..


Repknight is the fastest open-source data monitoring platform within the global marketplace, providing both sentiment and geographic analysis in real-time across all the major social media channels. Repknight delivers specifically to the security and law enforcement sector of governments or government bodies involved in security and safety. The Repknight platform assists with identifying threats, emerging events, and provides immediate world-view or hyper-local view of public opinion on key issues.


RiskCentric provide solutions for IT Governance and standards compliance.  Our product, ISM.Connected, gives Information Security Managers a single, integrated solution for establishing an automated ISMS for managing IT security programmes. The solutions provides the capability to capture the results of scans, tests & monitoring reviews together with automated tracking & monitoring of  issues, corrective actions and security advisories. Our clients use our solution to provide cost effective standards compliance for ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliance


Somerdata is a small specialist Electronic Engineering Company established in 1997. Somerdata Ltd offers bespoke and specialist solutions in the fields of Lawful Interception and Storage of Communications, Audio Surveillance  and Cybersecurity. Somerdata Ltd is based in Bristol, UK with a customer base including Governments, Telcos, Law Enforcement agencies and Network Communications specialists world-wide. Somerdata’s Engineering expertise includes electronic hardware and software data processing, system design and implementation and bespoke as well as off-the-shelf design.